Youth Tutoring Program



The Youth Tutoring Program is an educational enrichment program for youth living in 6 Seattle low-income public housing communities. Since 1991, YTP has provided at-risk elementary, middle, and high school youth with a safe positive and fun place to go where they can get help with their homework, read books, and develop language arts and math skills. The program goals are to: (1) improve students' academic skills (2) increase self-esteem (3) positively impact attitudes about school and learning (4) decrease interest in gangs and drugs and (5) improve school attendance.

Mission: Catholic Community Services' (CCS) fulfills a three fold mission: to offer help through professional and volunteer services; to help others help themselves; and to bring about change in the systems that oppress, discriminate or otherwise cause human suffering.
7 People | 18 Impacts | 30 Hours