Committee To Reform Congress, Inc.




Purpose Statement:

Primary Purpose:

Through a non-partisan, non-profit, democratic and collaborative effort, the

Committee, intends to educate citizens of the need for and potential methods of

obtaining Congressional reform. And ... to assist the citizens with their

task of educating members of Congress regarding the publics wishes.

The Problem:

Congressional dysfunction and low approval rating are related to the ways in which lobbyists, corporate special interests, and wealthy individuals disrupt the process of governance through improper influence. Those influences include the writing of legislation designed to benefit narrow corporate, personal or organizational interests. Campaign finance corruption detracts from the sworn duties of legislators and clouds the lawmakers allegiance to their constituents. Tamper proof elections and voters rights are at stake. Professional politicians attempt to guarantee their longevity in office, many times, at the expense of the constitutional rights of the electorate.

Committee Objective:

It is the committees intent to help rectify Congressional inability to legislate cooperatively, to engender fairness and to stimulate proper ethical behavior for the benefit the country and its citizens. Ultimately, our wish is to improve the reputation of Congress and to improve the countrys trust in our own government. We hope to help increase the voter base.

Educating the voter:

Through the use of the internet, social media, newspapers, television and word of mouth, the committee will educate the public as to potential methods of strengthening present law and/or suggesting legislative solutions to societal complications caused by politicized governance.

Educating Congress:

A primary objective of the organization is to help voters educate their own legislators regarding specific public concerns and to help voters reform Congress. An added effort will be to provide legislators with new information regarding issues of public unease as those questions arise over time.


Participant-constituents of office holders and/or candidates for office will, through an automated letter-writing program send personalized self-identified communications to their own legislators. The letters, which are written in general terms, are pre-written. These letters may be edited with paragraphs added, deleted and/or changed entirely. Letters can be downloaded and printed by the constituent and mailed from their home or sent via email. These letters are purposely lacking in detail, as it is the recognized duty of our lawmakers to debate and write needed legislation. Neither participant nor the Committee To Reform Congress has any desire usurp the recognized legislators duty to debate and write specific legislation. Issues of reform and potential legislative solutions are intended to generate public and Congressional debate of the potential pros and cons of suggested legislation.

A dedicated website is utilized and software solutions prepared for the purpose providing rapid-fire communication tools and for acquiring a participant base.

An automated process is designed to maximize voter convenience and participation. Participants in our program are invited to provide input as to their concerns with regard to proposed reform and with regard to additional proposed legislation. This process is intended to be fully collaborative.

The Committee To Reform Congress will issue press releases relevant to this campaign, utilize social media in order to attract new people to the organization, operate blog sites and will advertise. Fundraising efforts will be established to pay for development, operating cost and in support of promotional efforts. Staffing will be largely volunteer but may include paid staff members.

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