Montgomery County Opportunities Industrialization Center



Montgomery County Opportunity Industrialization Center (OIC) was established in 1966, using the already successful model of the Philadelphia OIC, founded by Rev. Leon Sullivan. OIC is a non-profit organization dedicated to training residents of the county so they can gain employable skills to become productive patrons of the community. In addition, we are active in the revitalization efforts of the Municipality of Norristown and Montgomery County. OIC takes pride in the fact that we work with a diverse population including the Norristown Area School District.

OICs main goal is to help stamp out illiteracy which causes many of the social problems in Montgomery County. It has been established that poverty, juvenile delinquency, crime, and a lack of social awareness all stem from illiteracy. Research has shown that children born in poverty are more likely to leave school before graduation. Therefore, OIC feels it is imperative to reach as many adults and children as possible. Programs at the OIC include: GED courses, English as a second language, Camp Xtreme Math and Science Enrichment, Xtreme Learning Daycare Center, Norristown Youth Development Coalition, and The Norristown Project.

About The Norristown Project

The Norristown Project (TNP) was launched in May 2013 with the goal to engage resident of Norristown, PA to work toward a better community. Norristown, PA is a large municipality located 15 miles outside Philadelphia. Since the openings of Plymouth Meeting and King of Prussia Malls in the 1960s, Norristown has witnessed a continual decline in its economy and infrastructure. With Norristown facing the same obstacles of an average city, TNP focuses on ways we can improve conditions around town to restore its image and bring investors back.

What we do

The Norristown Project relies heavy on volunteers and donations from businesses and grant funding. Each week, we will assess an area to host a cleanup project and schedule volunteers to attend. Each cleanup, we receive various leaders and volunteers from the community who dedicate 3 hours on any given weekend to revitalize Norristown.

We have seen the most success for our events when we engage residents and show them the benefits of giving back in their community. We want to start with the younger generation of the town as this is where they will most likely grow up. In Norristown, PA there is a limited number of activities middle and high school level students have to stay out of trouble. TNP has created an organization in which they can be a part of and appreciate the benefits of volunteering. Beginning in 2014, TNP will create events specifically for the youth under the direction of Norristown Youth Development Coalition, a program of our lead agency Montgomery County OIC.

Mission: We promote volunteerism in the community by engaging residents of Norristown, PA to make a difference.
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