How Givology Works: We've all heard it before. "Finish your plate, there's a child starving somewhere out there." Perhaps you laughed because you knew that your plate of leftovers would never really make it into the hands of a hungry child. Or maybe you were simply unconvinced that a plate of leftovers would be enough to make a difference. That may have been the case before...but not anymore. Your leftovers may still be unable to miraculously fulfill a famished appetite, but a few dollars from your wallet can now make a tremendous difference in the lives of students around the world. Donations as little as $5 may seem insignificant, but small-denomination contributions add up to a powerful aggregate that can change lives and futures. Givology partners with leading grassroots non-profit organizations, local communities, and schools to sponsor education grants and innovative community-based education projects. Through our website, you can support these initiatives and scholarships. After browsing through student and project profiles online, you can donate as little or as much as you like - as often as you like. No more monthly pledges, donation minimums, or check-writing hassles. Once a student or project is fully-funded, Givology transfers the funds to our field partners, who use the money for the indicated cause. You can also learn more about key issues in rural education by reading the blog posts of our fellows and staff. What truly distinguishes Givology is our philosophy of building lasting sponsor-student relationships and cross-cultural communication. Through our messaging and blogging system, you can send messages to a student, as well as receive updates on their progress. Our partners visit currently funded students and projects on a regular basis and will deliver your messages. Each quarter or semester (often times more frequent), student letters, progress updates, and academic documentation are all posted on Givology to allow you to track the impact that you have made in the lives of an individual or a community. Givology makes giving easy, transparent, and rewarding.

Mission: Vision: Give to Learn, Learn to Give. Around the world, more than 115 million children of primary-school age are not in school, and even more do not have the opportunity to pursue secondary school or higher education. Poverty is one of the principal causes. Often times, families may have difficulty affording school fees or the cost of supplies, or may simply need to keep children working to contribute to the family income. The transformational powers of knowledge and a good education are undeniable. At Givology, we believe education is the single most important and sustainable resource for individual empowerment, advancement, and poverty alleviation. Givology democratizes philanthropy by allowing any Internet user to impact the lives of students in need of educational assistance. Mission: Givology is an Internet online giving marketplace that empowers individual donors to connect with students and communities in need of education support. By leveraging the Internet to support education grants and projects, Givology creates a global community of people connected through their belief in the power of education. Furthermore, Givology aspires to the following: Address the increasing fragmentation of donor bases that support educational causes Leverage the impact of small dollar-denominated grants and loans in improving education access and quality in developing nations Improve organization, financial assistance to, and further cooperation among leading education organizations serving developing countries Spread awareness about the threat of rising economic and rural-urban disparities on children's access to quality education
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