HealthLink Medical Center



The core programs of HealthLink Medical Center are a medical and dental clinic located in Southampton that serves an annual volume of nearly 4000 adults.

HealthLink is set up to resemble the office of a primary care physician and to provide a continuum of care. Every effort is made to have the same provider caring for the patient at each visit. We are fully equipped to treat and/or access care for conditions ranging from acute to chronic illness. HealthLink collaborates with other service delivery organizations to extend the range of services available to our patients. These efforts enable our patients to receive greater comprehensive medical care, including free surgery, lab tests, and x-rays at a network of hospitals, private providers, and specialists. In 2012, 687 patients contributed to nearly 3000 medical appointments at our clinic. 217 of those patients had never utilized our services before.

HealthLinks formulary contains over 200 types of non-narcotic prescription medications. Nearly 50% of our patients have chronic illnesses, and the average patient requires 3 different medications on an annual basis. Upon diagnosing a chronic condition, we schedule regular appointments at the clinic so we can effectively monitor their condition and continue to provide necessary medication. HealthLink enrolls all eligible patients in pharmaceutical companies Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) so they can receive free medications.

HealthLinks dental program operates with three dental suites with x-ray machines, high speed autoclave, prepackaged instruments, hand tools, compressor, and dental supplies. Our services include routine cleanings, extractions, fillings, dental exams, x-rays, patient education, and oral cancer examinations and biopsies. In 2012, 372 patients contributed to almost 1000 dental appointments at our clinic. 128 of those patients had never accessed our services before.

Mission: HealthLink Medical Center provides free basic medical and dental care to working, uninsured adults living in Bucks and Montgomery counties with incomes at or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
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