Liberia Rebuild Global Team



. Purposes of LRGT: is a nonprofit, non-stock, nontribal, nonpolitical, and nonreligious corporation organized exclusively for the charitable purposes of rebuilding war ravagedLiberia on a county by county rotational basis and need through specialized departments that work with the project implementation department and to build unity among Liberians at home and abroad.

Mission: After 14 years of brutal civil war that killed more than 250,000 people comprising mostly of children,women and the elderly. Liberia Rebuild Global Team is organized to raise money to improve basic fundamentals of life for rural Liberians providing safe drinking water through the installation of hand pumps, rest rooms, village schools, village health centers, providing economic empoerment for rural Liberian Liberian women. I am therefore asking you to get invlove to make their dreams come true. Visit our website at WWW.LIBERIAREBUILDGLOBALTEAM.ORG to learn more and to sign on or to learn more about LRGT. Thank you and we are waiting for you to the life saving team.
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