Accomplishments to date:

In just the last 7 years we have:

Established and run a sponsorship program now caring for 80+ children to attend school from Primary through Senior High School.Built an eight classroom school with offices, library and bathrooms.Provided a clean and sustainable water source for the Bishop Forson SchoolProvided a school busBuilt libraries and computer labs.Created and implemented volunteer programs including Painting PossibilitiesCreated internships for graduating JHS students in Ghana.Sent containers and other shipments of school and medical supplies and equipmentSent a school van and a second vehicle for farm and other essential workUndertaken various farming projects and introduced drip irrigationBuilt and distributed 1st aid boxes to 22 schools in Ho Municipality, VRConsulted and built websites for Nongovernmental Organizations in Ghana that are closely aligned with ours.Helped get an ambulance on the road to bring help to rural villages

Mission: Our mission is to strengthen disadvantaged, rural communities in Ghana, W. Africa, through targeted projects in education, health and poverty reduction. We believe the most effective way to facilitate long-term sustainable change is through sustained commitment to the communities in which we work and more specifically, through assistance in educational programming. We seek to facilitate access to education and an educational experience that will promote use of creative and critical thinking skills and engender a desire for life-long learning.
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