MM2 Modern Dance Company



MM2 began, in 2000, as Music & Motion Dance Productions, a youth based modern dance company. Now ten years later, under the direction of Steven Weisz, it has evolved as a leader in imaginative movement and creative collaboration for college age dancers as well as post-college dance majors in career transition. MM2 dancers are committed to creating a new body of work each year, in which the dancers themsleves create the actual choreography as a group process. This provides a unique opportunity for dancers to explore the choreographic process and have a chance to present their work to both the professional dance community as well as the public. MM2 is committed to touring the works created, throughout the greater Philadelphia region as well as nationally and even abroad as oportunities present. In addition to choreography and performance, MM2 positively impacts children, students, and communities through student performances, workshops, post-show discussions and more. It is the vision of MM2 to deliver positive, affirming and life-enriching experiences to audiences, through the medium of dance and movement, while also developing new dance fans by creating works of artistry that engage and motivate audiences. MM2 is a registered trademark of Music & Motion Dance Productions, a tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation, supported in part through corporate funds, grants and private donations.

Mission: MM2 's mission is to provide emerging dancers with the opportunity to perform in professional venues as well as create choreography, utilizing contemporary movement, that connects both dancer and audience in a meaningful, relevant experience. Collaboration is central to the mission in which movement and choreography is contributed by all members of the company as a group process.
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