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RSVP Montco., established in 1973, provides meaningful ways for residents 50 and older to utilize their skills and passions to help meet community needs. Saving the nonprofit sector nearly $2,000,000 a year, RSVP's 1300 volunteers serve 300 nonprofit agencies, in programs developed to address literacy, youth-at-risk, frail elderly & older adults, disabled children, nonprofit agencies needing management assistance, and many other exciting opportunities to serve the community at large.

Mission: RSVP is a multiservice nonprofit organization that utilizes volunteers (particularly those aged 50+) to help meet critical human needs in and around Montgomery County, PA. RSVP's Volunteer Impact Programs focus on the needs of vulnerable populations including disadvantaged preschool children, at-risk youth, the elderly, those with low literacy skills, the unemployed and struggling nonprofit organizations.
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