The Clinic



Founded in 2001, The Clinic was the dream of two women, Dr. Lorna B. Stuart and the Reverend Marie Z. Swayze. Dr. Stuart and Reverend Marie wanted to create a medical center that would provide primary medical care services to people who do not have medical insurance (1 in 7 people). Since our doors opened in October of 2002, Dr. Stuart and our volunteer physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals have treated more than 81,000 patients who have no medical insurance.

The Clinic

Mission: Mission Statement The Clinic provides quality health care to the uninsured, in an atmosphere which fosters dignity and respect for our patients. It is our privilege to do so. Vision Statement The vision of The Clinic is to provide quality health care with space, staff, and funding sufficient to meet the needs of the growing number of uninsured in our region...until everyone has access to health care.
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