Augustinian Volunteers



Augustinian Volunteers is a full time lay volunteer program for people betweeen the ages of 21 and 29. We are looking for men and women with a college degree, or the equivalent in work experience, who are flexible in regards to placement and ministry/job. Volunteers should also be committed to a Christian lifestyle, have the ability to live with others in a community-like setting, and possess a desire to serve the poor and needy. We expect our Volunteers to be open-minded and possess a sense of humor. For those serious about this commitment, the application process and acceptance are followed by placement and program orientation.

At this time, our national placement sites (10 months) are Bronx, NY; Chicago, IL; Lawrence, MA; and San Diego, CA. We also have two international sites (11 months) located in Chulucanas, Peru and Durban, South Africa. Service opportunities vary in each location. This program establishes a direct link between the service of the Augustinians and the service of those who serve in partnership with them.

The kinds of service placements vary. Some of the placements offered include serving in schools (as instructors, teachers aids, campus ministers, mentors, coaches, assistants in after school programs, etc.), social service agencies (such as serving in homeless shelters, teaching ESL, serving in immigration centers, serving with pregnant women, serving in an orphanage, etc.), serving with the Augustinian NGO to the UN, and a variety of other possible placements. We work with each Volunteer to find and offer a placement that can utilize the gifts and talents of each Volunteer, while recognizing the pre-existing needs of the local communities in which they live and serve. While we are dedicated to the goodness of the service that a Volunteer may provide, we are equally interested in finding a service situation where the Volunteer will experience a sense of personal and spiritual growth.

Augustinian Volunteers will provide room and board, health insurance, transportation to and from the site, and all necessary living costs consistent with our philosophy of simple living. Each domestic Volunteer will receive a monthly personal stipend over and above room and board. Loan deferment may be available.

Mission: Augustinian Volunteers are Catholic men and women who wish to serve God's people in partnership with the Augustinians and others. The work of the volunteers is with established educational, social, and health service programs and varies according to the needs of the sponsoring site and the individual volunteer.
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