Center For Family Services



Center for Family Services, Inc. (CFS) is a nonprofit human services agency with more than 90 years of experience serving youth and families in southern New Jersey. Our vision is for all people to lead capable, responsible, fulfilled lives in strong families and healthy communities.

Center For Family Services offers a full range of programs to serve children, youth, and families addressing the needs of the population at every stage of life, from birth to old age. Services include:

Child, Adolescent, and Family Services aimed at keeping children and families safe and healthy through programs such as Differential Response, Healthy Families, and the Family Success Center;

Counseling, Community, and School Based Services with special emphasis on building self sufficient families, school based services, providing emergency services, and keeping children safe;

Early Childhood Education/Head Start building a strong foundation for learning and long term success by providing tools for a child and individual or a family to develop and follow their own best plan to a successful future;

Safe and Supportive Housing Services for youth who are homeless, abused, abandoned, or neglected; women who are victims of domestic violence; and young mothers who are homeless.

Substance Abuse Treatment Services focused on treatment of adults and adolescents for substance abuse, child/family problems relating to addiction, and programs specifically designed for the deaf and hard of hearing community;

Victim and Trauma Services for victims of physical and sexual abuse or anyone who has experienced a traumatic event either in the community or schools;

Each year, Center For Family Services touches the lives of thousands of vulnerable children and families to prevent those at-risk from becoming victims of child abuse or neglect, to provide intervention services when necessary, and to break the cycle of challenges that often cause serious family problems.

Our goal is to provide the foundation for a child, an individual, or a family to develop and follow their own best path to a successful, healthy life.

Mission: The mission of Center For Family Services is changing the odds for children and families by providing vision, hope, and strength for a better life through intervention, prevention, and education.
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