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inspire all of our children of the possibilities that life has to offer themencourage them to believe in these possibilities and more importantly, believe in themselveshelp them turn their dreams into reality by helping them develop a plan so that they can begin achieving their goalsand finally, to promote the fundamental life values and skills that will help build a child of strong character, responsibility, and self-esteem.

As recreational government funding decreases, we hope to increase after-school recreational youth participation by providing our inner-city youth more options. We feel that extra-curricular youth activities provide hands-on opportunities for youth to learn the importance of character, teamwork, and responsibility. Urban Youth Hope is our chance to teach our youth these valuable lessons while furthering their athletic talents. We would like to expand the opportunities for after-school organized youth activity by offering various youth leagues throughout our Urban communities.

We also provide free equipment and uniform fundraising services to youth teams.

Mission: Our mission is to promote athletics, music, and the arts, while utilizing them as a platform to help inspire our youth to reach for their dreams, develop their character, and build their self-esteem.
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