Not-To-Be Forgotten Foundation



Not-To-Be Forgotten Foundation (ntbf) is a newly-formed nonprofit organization which was created to acknowledge the struggles that older adults face in maintaining quality of life in their twilight years. Ntbf will strive to address those struggles one senior at a time by way of public awareness, education, fulfilling needs and granting wishes. Some needs may be simple - finding a local resource for delivery of meals - and some may be more complicated - repairing a roof that is financially out of the realm of the ndividual. Wishes may run the gamut as well from easy to complicated. Ntbf intends to work closely with community organizations, government agencies and businesses utilizing all resources available to meet its requests.

Mission: The Mission of Not-To-Be Forgotten Foundation is to acknowledge the struggles facing older adults in maintaining quality of life in their senior years and addressing those issues, one senior at a time, by way of public awareness, ducation and fulfillment of needs and wishes
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