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There are an estimated 170 million orphans in the world facing life's most difficult challenges. Their numbers increase daily. Help us make a difference with hope, love, and the encouragement they need by volunteering and supporting our efforts and programs to provide their most basic needs.

Children throughout the world struggle hourly to survive, striving to obtain the most basic life-sustaining requirements. CPI works to make a difference every day for that reason. We develop partnerships and programs to provide improved educational opportunities and environments, medical assistance, and housing. We have a major international program in Ghana, West Africa, and locally have partnered with the D.C. Government to tutor children in D.C. Public Schools, and mentor and support youth in D.C. Foster Care and homeless shelters. We are assisting the Takoradi fishing village community in West Africa to build a preparatory school for their children. The school now has an enrollment of over 500 students ranging from kindergarten to grade 5, but on its completion will be up to grade 12. Daycare services allow mothers to market there goods to provide food and medicine for their families.

Mission: Mission and Vision A Child's Promise mission is to help vulnerable and destitute children in marginal living conditions embrace their futures with greater achievement for financial and personal success. Our vision is that through education, compassion, and meaningful support, each child we help will grow into healthy, educated, self-reliant adults. Challenge Education has always been a necessary means to give real help and real sustainable achievement tools to children who would otherwise have little of either. We do not arbitrarily provide money handouts. When we do make monetary donations, we make sure it provides practical assistance to meet basic needs, enhances human dignity, and raises physical and educational levels that are both meaningful and sustainable. CPI's challenges are: (1) complete school construction in Takoradi, Ghana, consisting of pre-school to high school; and (2) continue our support and donations to help (a) students in Ghana; (b) over 1300 youth in D.C.'s Foster Care system; and (3) homeless children in DC. homeless shelters. Our organization has a permanent growth-partnership with the coastal community of Takoradi, Ghana to educate its children and build a community school. This is a major undertaking and an enormous ongoing commitment. Our local community partnerships are increasing with public schools and foster care programs, and homeless shelters. We also partner for fund development, such as our joint partnership with Macy's Annual "Shop for a Cause" Charitable Event, as well as iGive online shopping, and eBay Giving Works (please see donation page for details). When financial and volunteer resources permit, CPI identifies neighborhoods around the world where there are children who need help and where the conditions are right to provide help in a practical way. CPI realizes that not every child in need will receive our help, but we continue our service and support one child at a time or groups of children at a time. And this realization has led to the development of one of the simplest and most effective ways to make a real and lasting difference - the promise of education. Committing to a promise to help individual children gets results because we focus on the children, giving them real help and services.
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