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For our projects, America Solidaria (AS) recruits highly qualified professionals from the continent and places them with Host Organizations in the Americas. America Solidaria volunteers dedicate their talents, knowledge, hard work and commitment to support and strengthen these organizations through specific projects. The educational levels, careers, work experience and skills sets of the AS volunteers are as diverse as the projects, the host organizations and the communities they serve. Volunteers are placed where their skills match the needs of the community. All AS volunteers are college graduates and mid level professionals. Their ages range from 21 to 35 years.Since 2002, 325 professionals have volunteered in different projects at host organizations in the Americas. Hundreds of new volunteers are needed each year to continue our work and to expand solidarity across the region.Each ASvolunteer makes a year-long, full-time commitment to serve on a specific project, which includes an out-of-country orientation that provides cross-cultural, technical, health and safety skills. They live in the communities where they serve, from small rural villages to large urban centers. Typically, AS volunteers serve on different projects at the same host organization with two other volunteers from AS- usually from another country-. After completing their term of service, volunteers return to their own country as global citizens, with leadership, cross-cultural understanding, and technical skills that position them well for further professional opportunities.

Mission: America Solidaria aims to promote regional and multilateral development among the Americas through effective volunteer engagement.
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