Fathers Against Injustice & Immoral Recognition(F.A.I.R.)



The vision of F.A.I.R are to provide, facilitate, and disseminate current research,legislation, and evidence-based innovative strategies that will encourage, strengthen and empower fathers, families and MOST importantly children. By increasing awareness and emphasizing the importance of a fathers role in the social, economic, emotional and mental stability of our children, we decrease the number of fatherless children, dependency on government assistance among diverse families, poverty rates and violence. Through program development,training and common sense social policy, F.A.I.R will continue to increase public knowledge and awareness of the continuous need to protect the future of our children through fatherhood and advocating for shared parenting.

Mission: F.A.I.R is a non-profit change agent seeking to positively impact the fatherhood initiative through common sense social policy, encourage collaboration among grass-root organizations and community leaders while developing innovative programs, and statutes that serve our democracy.
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