Fairfax Partnership for Youth



Mentoring Partnerships

FPY works with community partners to increase access to and quality of mentoring programs for youth. FPY provides training and technical support to mentoring program providers, and to volunteer mentors.

Bullying Prevention Program

FPY serves as a northern Virginia resource on cyber-bullying and school violence through its research and community education programs. The organization facilitates seminars, training programs and public education around the issue of bullying.

Violence, Suicide and Mental Wellness

The FPY Youth Wellness Network is a team of inter-organizational northern VA reps with common goals in Prevention and youth mental wellness. We gather monthly to update each other on changes to our respective.

Family Enrichment Services

FPY supports a safe, healthy family atmosphere for youth by supporting programs and resources for struggling parents.

Mission: It is the mission of the Fairfax Partnership for Youth to bring the community together to reduce youth violence and promote positive youth development. The Fairfax Partnership for Youth is a leader in bringing the community together to create a nurturing and supportive environment which provides opportunities for all children and youth to develop positive social and problem-solving skills and the sense of purpose and independence needed to become healthy, productive citizens.
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