Makuyu Education Initiative



The Makuyu Education Initiative began operations in July 2011 in Makuyu, Kenya. The mission of Makuyu Education Centre is to provide underprivileged children with an opprotunity to learn. There are currently about 50 children in the program in grades 1 through 4. Many children are orphans or have single mothers who are struggling to provide for their families. Because there are fees associated with attending public schools in Kenya including exam fees and uniform fees, many of the children currently attending Makuyu Education Centre could ill afford to go to public school. In addition to being taught the subjects of English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, the children attending Makuyu Education also receive a basic free meal everyday. By providing a basic meal, the children have an incentive to attend all their classes and do not have to learn on an empty stomach.

Mission: Mission: To provide underprivileged children in Makuyu, Kenya with an opportunity to learn, while also providing them with a free basic meal a day to keep them coming to class and to fight malnutrition.
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