Living Vicky



Living Vicky is a non-profit that provides online and in-person curriculum and mentoring which prepares young women transitioning from high school to whatever comes next.

Curriculum includes a variety of practical life courses designed to build self-confidence and critical thinking skills, using free travel to incentivize active participation in the course. To ensure mastery of essential skills, instruction uses a student-centered, collaborative style, with frequent feedback and opportunities for improvement, perfectly suited for Millennial participants.

Living Vicky also provides workshops to firms who wish to leverage positive aspects of the Millennial Generation (GenY):

VisionIntegrityCuriosityKnowledge, andYouthful energy

Living Vicky's Pilot Program kicks off in the spring of 2014 for 20 young women, ages 18 - 20, from the DC metro area. At the end of the three month pilot, participants who have successfully completed their initial courses, earn an excursion to New York City.

Mission: Living Vicky's mission empowers young women to overcome negative Millennial stereotypes in the workplace. We will do this by offering a curriculum based program and offer free travel as an incentive for completing the program.
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