Elect Pierre Richard AUGUSTIN



What makes Mr. AUGUSTIN a Worthy Candidate?

Mr. Augustin possesses the educational and intellectual acumen to help bring new wealth into Prince Georges County by contributing in the formulation of policy to increase revenues and jobs. You can peruse Mr. AUGUSTIN professional profile on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/admerkdotmobi/.

Not only does Mr. AUGUSTIN understand the social and economical challenges facing Prince Georges County, he is capable of articulating the needs to improve k-12 education, reduce the crime rate and advance the economic growth of Prince Georges county.

***What Can You Do To Help?***


Please donate your time for:

1. Campaigning door-to-door2. Displaying a yard sign3. Hosting House Parties or Fundraiser4. Making telephone calls5. Helping at the polls on Election Day

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Mission: Why Mr. AUGUSTIN is running for Political Office?
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