Prince George's County State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) and Senior Medicare Patrol...



The State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) provides in-person and telephone counseling to Medicare beneficiaries and their families in the following general areas:

Original Medicare (Parts A and B);

Medicare Part D (Medicare Prescription Drug Plans);

Medicare Supplements (Medigap plans);

Assistance for Disabled Medicare Beneficiaries under 65;

Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans;

Assistance for Low-Income beneficiaries;

Health care fraud and abuse;

Assistance with Medicare appeals and denials, and more.

The Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) Program trains volunteers to answer questions about suspected heatlh care fraud, abuse, and errors as well as doing community outreach and education on these issues.

Mission: The State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) meets one of the most universal needs of Medicare beneficiaries, including those under 65 years of age -- understanding their health insurance needs benefits, bills, and rights. We provide both in-person and telephone assistance to beneficiaries in Prince George's County, Maryland.
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Would like to apply for Medicare part D, and I think Medigap.
Please help! Need your wise counsel.
I thank you sincerely.
My phone number is: (301) 431-0323.
Nicole Antoine