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Liberty's Promise



The activitiies of Liberty's Promise center on civic engagement and professional internship placements for low-income, immigrant youth. Our 30-hour civic engagement program is a fun, interactive look at American community life. Through field trips to the courthouse, county government offices, and other sites, students gain first-hand knowledge of civic life and the benefits of civic participation.

In conjunction with the civics program, Liberty's Promise administers a professional internship program for young immigrants in pursuit of a fulfilling career. Liberty's Promise collaborates with government agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to offer young immigrants eight-week internships in their field of interest. Youth who have completed the civics course are given priority for internship placements.

Mission: The mission of Liberty's Promise is to support low-income, immigrant youth while encouraging them to be active and conscientious American citizens. To fulfill its mission, Liberty's Promise provides professional internship and civic education/engagement programs for low-income immigrants between the ages of 15 and 21 throughout the Washington, DC, Metro area. Our goal is to help young immigrants embark upon meaningful careers and become actively involved in their communities. By educating our most recent immigrants about this country's democratic traditions and providing them with workplace opportunities, Liberty's Promise helps promote their sense of belonging to our shared American community.
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