TC Wallace Foundation



Community Development

TCWF aims to improve the quality of life for others in communities that we live and work in. By staying consciously aware of community needs, TCWF provide programs and events that contribute to the community's cultural, civic, and intellectual growth. Also, we encourage individuals to acquire the skills and resources they need to take advantage of the opportunities and challenges that a rapidly changing economy presents.

Health & Wellness

Individuals, families, and communities throughout the US face a series of challenges to their health and well-being--challenges range from breast cancer and lack of insurance to high cholesterol and rise in childhood diabetes. Through resources, volunteer participation, and health related events, TCWF dedicates its efforts to help communities address these issues.

Youth Development

TC Wallace Foundation recognizes today's young people as tomorrow's leaders. As such, we work diligently to expand educational opportunities for young people, to eliminate barriers to student achievement, and to provide additional support to our youth.

Mission: Our Mission
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