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We have chapters in 32 U. S. cities, Pretoria, South Africa, and are exploring a relationship with an interest group in Queensland, Australia. CBM's service to youth is tailored to the specific needs of children in each area where our chapters are located;

Our National service projects are "best practice" programs that serve thousands of young people yearly; we share these core learning principles with our chapters throughout the country so that all of our kids benefit;

All of our National programs are evaluated by an independent consultant, and are evidenced based;

Our 5 founding members --- the 5 police officers who started CBM 34 years ago, still contribute to the well being of the Organization. All of them participated in our 1 st National Convention that took place in May 2005 in Philadelphia. Note that future conventions will be convened each year in other cities around the country. We invite you to visit this website regularly to remain advised of future dates and locations;

CBM is the only male service organization that is developing a national strategy to address the abysmal graduation rates of African American children, and in particular, African American boys. Our Young Males of Color Achievement Initiatives will devise strategies to raise the educational attainment of young boys of color and increase high school graduation rates. More information on the Initiative is located on the Home Page of this website.

Concerned Black Men is committed to systematic change in the lives of our Nation's youth. Our goal is to look back 25 years from now and celebrate an African American community that develops leaders and thinkers for a complex and difficult world.

Mission: We, the members of the National Organization of Concerned Black Men, Inc., (CBM) have committed ourselves in support of the social, emotional, academic and psychological development of African American youth. We offer ourselves as role models and pledge to help our children aspire to lofty goals and expectations. We pledge to protect, instruct, nurture and discipline ---to trust, share, honor, and above all --- to be there when needed. We will teach our youth that men and women build institutions and do not engage in self-destructive behavior. We will show our Nation's youth how to direct their energies to positive activities of benefit to all, and remind them that respect for self and others is expected of men and women of distinction. We will provide community leadership and encourage this society to place our children's needs first. In caring for our youth, we take our responsibility seriously, and will remember that the future of our children depends on our success. Our motto is "... caring for our youth."
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