United Nation of Individuals Fighting Impossibilities (UNIFI)



As a part of our commitment in low-income communities and developing countries, UNIFI is working with at-risk areas of Washington, DC, North America, Nicaragua, Central America and Nigeria, East Africa. The organization affords our participants opportunities to enroll in value added programs/services of advanced education and experience that is used to better serve others within our outreach areas. This exposure steers our youth on the path of self-discovery, self-expression, self-governance, and self-sufficiency.

Entrepreneurship Program

Started in 2006, our entrepreneurship program drives the economical and social progress of residents in underserved communities by teaching youth and young adults to become business oriented. Participants of the program learned of business strategies from current events, expert advice, and from small business owners. These emerging entrepreneurs learned how to gauge if their idea is feasible, develop a business plan, build a brand, market their product/service, identify capital and etc.

Currently, UNIFI is gearing up for 2013's entrepreneurship program in Baltimore, MD. UNIFI will promote economic vitality for the under-served and under-valued Penn-North/Druid Heights community through the provision of technical assistance and accommodations for small and disadvantaged businesses at our location at 1378 West North Avenue. These activities will further our vision to ameliorate health disparities in the Penn-North community through the elimination of unsafe and hazardous conditions while also decreasing economic inequalities and enhancing the aesthetic value of the community in relation to the city.

Mobile Medical Program

Started in 2006, our medical program affords youth and young adults the opportunity of shadowing physicians and nurses providing medical care and supplies, and conducting HIV/AIDS, nutrition and and other health and wellness workshops for individuals and families in need.

Since UNIFI has hosted health and HIV/AIDS awareness events such as school tours and concerts to encourage healthy interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. Our events featured performances by supporting artists Janelle Mone, Scar, Keisha Lu, Glenn Lewis and Jon B.

Currently UNIFI is gearing up for 2013's medical program to provide nutritional and medical assistance for our international outreach in Nigeria and Nicaragua.

Arts and Entertainment Program

Started in 2005, our program highlights the talent of youth in the arts: fine, digital and performing, also to include fashion design. UNIFI matches their talent with skills through the provisions of mentors, finances and other opportunities to propel them in the facet of entertainment that they have chosen to pursue.

This program soon expanded to introduce and acclimate youth in the various facets of video/film production, i.e. producing, directing, studio and field filming, editing, script writing and hosting. UNIFI promoted youth within this program to produce positive stories, news and events that will entertain as well as to educate their viewers.

Mission: United Nation of Individuals Fighting Impossibilities (UNIFI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established to make perceived impossibilities possible around the World. UNIFI fights in defense of those individuals who do not have the means to combat attrition in education, employment, health and other social and economic conditions.
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