Starlight Children's Foundation MidAtlantic



From diagnosis through recovery, Starlight's programs offer children ways to cope with the social, emotional and medical aspects of serious illness and provide families with a community of support and understanding.

We strive to restore the laughter and normalcy that serious illness takes away; to educate and help sick children better manage their illnesses; to minimize negative emotional impact of life-threatening disease on the family; and to provide pediatric care facilities with ongoing support in the areas of play, coping, self-expression, creativity, achievement and learning, which are vital to a child's normal growth and development.

We provide a variety of programs and products that empower, educate, entertain and inspire. We offer hospital-based programs and services, web-based programs, and outpatient community-based programs for children and their families. All programs are provided free of charge.

Mission: Starlight Children's Foundation is a leading global health and education charity working to embrace, empower and enrich the lives of children from illness to wellness.
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