CBM CARES? Prince Georges County, MD



To improve the quality of life of African American males in middle school by providing youth with inspiration through positive role models that mirror their image.CBM CARES Prince George's County, MD seeks to serve a minimum of 100 boys by way of group and one-to-one mentoring for 8 hours per month for a minimum of 12 consecutive months.

Goals & Objectives:

Goal 1: Improve academic performanceGoal 2: Improve school attachmentGoal 3: To reduce the number of unexcused school absencesGoal 4: To improve self image and self worth

Mission: We, the members of the National Organization of Concerned Black Men, Inc., (CBM) have committed ourselves in support of the social, emotional, academic and psychological development of African American youth. We offer ourselves as role models and pledge to help our children aspire to lofty goals and expectations. We pledge to protect, instruct, nurture and discipline --to trust, share, honor, and above all -- to be there when needed. We will teach our youth that men and women build institutions and do not engage in self-destructive behavior. We will show our Nations youth how to direct their energies to positive activities of benefit to all, and remind them that respect for self and others is expected of men and women of distinction. We will provide community leadership and encourage this society to place our childrens needs first. In caring for our youth, we take our responsibility seriously, and will remember that the future of our children depends on our success. Our motto is "... Caring For Our Youth."
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