Rock the Vote



Founded twenty-one years ago at the intersection of popular culture and politics, Rock the Vote has registered more than five million young people to vote and has become a trusted source of information for young people about registering to vote and casting a ballot. Rock the Vote uses music, popular culture, new technologies and grassroots organizing to motivate and mobilize young people in our country to participate in every election, with the goal of seizing the power of the youth vote to create political and social change.

During the 2008 elections, Rock the Vote helped to fuel the recent increase in civic engagement of the Millennial Generation by running the largest nonpartisan voter registration drive in history, generating 2.25 million registration applications. Rock the Vote tested and ran innovative, cost effective and highly targeted online voter registration efforts amongst the young and traditionally disenfranchised, generating more than 400,000 African-American, 250,000 Latino, and 1,000,000 unmarried women registration applications; built a mobile activist list of more than 250,000 cell phone users; and personally engaged volunteer Street Teams and young voters on-the-ground nationwide through registration drives, the Road Trip 08 bus tour, and a robust election protection program. In 2010, Rock the Vote logged nearly 300,000 voter registration downloads as part of the largest midterm elections outreach strategy in the organization's history. This year, Rock the Vote intends to once again lead the effort in youth education and engagement.

Mission: Rock the Vote's mission is to engage and build political power for young people in order to create positive social and political change in our country.
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