National Environmental Education Foundation



History Chartered by Congress in 1990 to advance environmental knowledge and action.The National Environmental Education Act of 1990 established the National Environmental Education Foundation as a complementary organization to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), extending its ability to foster environmental literacy in all segments of the American public as well as leveraging private funds that EPA, as a federal agency, could not access.In the almost two decades since then, the annual appropriation we receive from the EPAs Office of Environmental Education has enabled us to tap millions more in private and other governmental funding. The strong relationship weve built with the EPA has allowed us to multiply our resources and deliver innovative education programs which encourage environmentally responsible behavior.Our strategy is to reach the public through a powerful network of trusted professionals who can help Americans make everyday choices for a healthy life and healthy environment.Working with a network of health professionals, weathercasters, land managers and teachers our programs reach hundreds of thousands of households and translate in to direct actions, saving millions of dollars as well as reducing energy use, protecting nature, and improving the health of thousands of children. Our Goals and Signature Programs

Environmental education in our schools: Core environmental literacy for America's children while improving their overall academic success. Program includes: Classroom Earth, Planet Connect and EE Week.

Environmental education for the adult public: Baseline environmental knowledge for America's adults to increase individual stewardship. Program includes: Earth Gauge (Weather) and National Public Lands Day.

Environmental education for health professionals: A stronger public health safety net through environmentally educated health care givers. Program: Health & Environment initiative.

Mission: The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) provides knowledge to trusted professionals who, with their credibility, amplify messages to national audiences to solve everyday environmental problems. Together, we generate lasting positive change.
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