Academic Rodeo



Academic Rodeo is a unique program of experiential learning offered by The Park of East Texas.  The event consists of a collection of 14 contests presented annually to schools and groups with students in Kindergarten through 12th grades.  Participation by students of the registered groups is made possible through funding of Academic Rodeo from proceeds of the annual East Texas State Fair, the major event of The Park of East Texas.

Approximately 90 to 100 schools or groups participate in Academic Rodeo each year, bringing 1,800 to 2,000 students participating in one or more of the 14 contests.  In addition to the medallions, trophies and ribbons awarded to students, elementary age students who place in contests receive a modest cash award.  Middle School and High School student winners are eligible to apply for scholarships.  $11,000 is awarded each year.  Funds are held for the students until they graduate from High School.  More than $140,000 in scholarships has been awarded since 2007.
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