Stepping Stones Shelter



Stepping Stones Shelter is short-term emergency/assessment shelter for homeless families with children in Rockville, Maryland. We are one of only three Montgomery County shelters that provide services to entire families to help them regain their independence. The Shelter has six bedrooms and can accommodate six families of various sizes, serving up to 27 people at any one time. Stepping Stones has been providing families with shelter, food, clothes, case management and support services for over 30 years!

We need you to help us continue to serve these families in need. We have many volunteer opportunities for people in the community and hope to connect each of you with something you enjoy doing. Below is a list of most of our volunteer jobs along with a short position description. We welcome individuals and groups (maximum of 10) to volunteer with us.

Mission: Stepping Stones Shelter provides homeless families with children the opportunity to regain their independence by offering shelter and support services in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.
4 People | 3 Impacts | 14 Hours