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The Humane Society of Central Texas (HSCTX) is an advocate for the community with the goal of maintaining a no-kill status at the shelter. Staff work hard to maintain a 90% or higher live-exit rate.

We are contracting partners with the City of Waco at the Animal Shelter at 2032 Circle Road. We provide adoption, rescue and foster opportunities for the homeless animals at the Animal Shelter, as well as community education regarding responsible pet ownership.

              VOLUNTEER ON-BOARDING        

Volunteer opportunities are constantly changing as we grow and develop new programs; but what doesn't change is your impact. The Humane Society of Central Texas needs your help to provide homes for hundreds of animals that come into our care every year. We greatly depend on volunteers to provide quality care for our animals and to support our programs.

If you're interested in volunteering with us, please sign up to become a member, talk with our Matching Team Coordinator, watch the Online Orientation Video, and join us for an In-Person Tour, but in the mean time you can check out our VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES.

If you're interested in careers with the Humane Society of Central Texas an Internship is a great way to get to know our agency and pursue full-time employment opportunities. How to apply, visit INTERNSHIPS
Becoming a Volunteer
Sign Up
1) The system will prompt you to login or sign-up for an account. 2) Here on our homepage select "Become a Member" and; Register to become a Volunteer. 3) Answer all questions so we can get to know you and what you like to do. 4) Please download and bring with you the Background Check Form, Waiver Release Form and Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure Form, and be sure to read and keep for your records the FCRA Disclosure Acknowledgment Form. 5) Once your background check clears, you'll be emailed and you are ready for the next steps in our On-boarding Process! 6) Review our Volunteer Handbook

Volunteers are essential to our lifesaving mission. In order for you to get the most out of your experience at HSCTX we want this program to benefit you, the staff and the animals. Please review the Requirements and Expectations to ensue this program is a good fit for you. Review and download a copy of our Volunteer Handbook.

Orientation and on-boarding is required before you can begin volunteering here at HSCTX? Our Volunteer Matching Team Coordinator will be in contact with you within 24 hours of you becoming a member to help guide you to assignments that best fit your commitment level, availability, and interests, all while helping us meet our organizational goals. At this time please preview the online Volunteer Orientation Video which will cover the goals and policies of the organization, as well as explain volunteer opportunities.

We will be uploading training videos in your particular assignment soon!!!!

When you make a difference in a life, you're making a difference in your own as well.
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We need volunteers for tomorrow, July 3 any time 9am to 4pm. Come help us find forever homes for wonderful pets at the shelter and to help educate the public about safety for their pets during 4th of July weekend!
Links to photos and videos:
Clarice and Gloria
Santana and Teddy Bear
Petey and Mack


Community encouraged to save animals by adopting bonded pairs from Waco Animal Shelter.

Waco, Texas – (June 25, 2020) – The Humane Society of Central Texas currently has 5 bonded pairs of animals in their care that are looking for foster or forever homes. Bonded pairs are animals that came into the shelter together and have lived together for so long that separating them is detrimental to their well-being. We are working hard to place all of our bonded pairs into loving homes so they will never have to experience the heartache of separation from each other, especially after already losing their homes.

While people often think that taking in two animals at the same time may be overwhelming, it’s actually not any harder than taking in just one. Yes, it’s one more mouth to feed and one more poop to scoop, but it’s also one more source of stress relief, love, and affection for the new owners. In fact, taking in two animals that love each other makes the transition to a home even easier for them because they have each other for comfort, and they will love you twice as much. Plus, they will keep each other company when you are not home so you will not have to worry about having one animal at home all alone.

Please consider adopting a bonded pair of homeless animals today, and be a Waco Animal Hero! You can choose the Golden Girls (Clarice and Gloria), our tall slender young pups (Teddy Bear and Santana), our big red bears (Mack and Petey), our newest pair of sweet boys (Smith and Wesson), or our only bonded pair of kitties (Shadow and Leo). You can see them all on our website

We are open 11am-6pm Monday through Friday, and until 5pm on Saturdays at 2032 Circle Rd, Waco TX 76706. Please remember to wear a mask and maintain social distancing during your visit, bring water to stay hydrated, and bring your dogs and your children so we can make sure we match you perfectly with your new pets!
Looking forward to helping these little ones! Thank you for the opportunity.
Thank you Liz for all your support!! — James Benton James Benton on June 19, 2020
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For Immediate Release: June 8, 2020

Re: Humane Society’s Partial Re-Opening to the Public

Dr. Paula Rivadeneira
Executive Director, Humane Society Of Central Texas 254-754-1454


Community encouraged to adopt animals through curbside meet and greets.

Appointments no longer required!

Waco, Texas – (June 8, 2020) – The Humane Society of Central Texas has remained operational throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, conducting appointment-only curbside meet and greets for families interested in adopting animals. Starting Monday, June 8, 2020, HSCTX welcomes the public back the Waco Animal Shelter with no appointment necessary to come and meet the animals. While the public still will not be able to walk through the kennels, they will be individually escorted by staff into specific areas of the facility to meet the animals, which may include the play area and the adoption building. Families are welcome to come to the shelter from 11am-6pm Mondays through Fridays, and until 5pm on Saturdays, and HSCTX staff will show animals on a first come first served basis.

Adoptions have been significantly lower over the last 3 months compared to this same time last year, no doubt due to COVID restrictions. We encourage the public to come to the Waco Animal Shelter to take home a new family pet today. Please remember to wear a mask and maintain social distancing during your visit, bring water to stay hydrated, and bring your dogs and your children so we can make sure we match you perfectly with your new pet!

Every Waco Dog Deserves A Chance!

WHAT: The Humane Society of Central Texas is welcoming the public back to the Waco Animal Shelter by changing its meet and greet policy so that no appointment is necessary to come and meet the animals.

WHEN: Beginning Monday, June 8, 2020 until further notice

WHERE: Humane Society of Central Texas, 2032 Circle Rd, Waco, TX 76706.

MORE INFO: During this period of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever for people to consider adopting a new animal, not only for their benefit, but also to free up space and resources for other vulnerable animals in need. To find out more about the animals available for adoption, visit or reach out to us at 254- 754-1454.

SOCIAL: Follow along on social media @HSCTX or on,, and


About the Humane Society of Central Texas

As an advocate for the animals at the City of Waco Animal Shelter, the Humane Society of Central Texas provides adoptions, rescue and foster opportunities, as well as community education regarding responsible pet ownership. The partnership between HSCTX and the City of Waco Animal Services, along with the support of the community, City of Waco, Central Texas and beyond, has resulted in a current average live-exit rate above 90%. Our goal is to save each and every healthy or treatable animal that comes into the shelter because we believe that every Waco animal deserves a chance. With the continued help and support of every person who has a heart for homeless pets, we believe it can be done!
Hello Volunteers,

HSCTX has been selected to participate in P.L.A.Y. June 2020 Warm Bellies Voters' Choice Poll, through which three shelters get the chance to receive new beds!

P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You) is a young San Francisco-based company creating and designing stylish and eco-friendly pet bedding and toys. Their products support shelter pets through the P.L.A.Y. Warm Bellies Voters' Choice Chill Pads. Committed to helping animals in need, P.L.A.Y. believes that every pet deserves a warm and cozy place to sleep. Through our partnership, organizations across the country receive Special Edition Chill Pads to provide warmth for their homeless pets while they wait on their forever homes.

P.L.A.Y., in partnership with the Petfinder Foundation, is accepting nominations for a shelter in need of our #WarmBellies Voters' Choice Poll!

To participate, please submit a P.L.A.Y. June 2020 Warm Bellies Voters' Choice nomination using the below link:

Our (HSCTX) Petfinder Shelter ID is TX447

Be sure to share this link with your friends and family. The shelters with the most nominations submitted between Monday, June 1st to Sunday, June 14th, will become finalists and move onto the next round of voting.

Voting begins Tuesday, September 16th to Tuesday, June 30th. Three shelters are guaranteed to win 10 FREE Chill Pads! Winners of the P.L.A.Y. June 2020 Warm Bellies Voters' Choice Awards will be announced at the beginning of July 2020.

Thank you for all your great work helping homeless pets.

#1 MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember:
ALWAYS close the kennel door after taking a dog out. Kennel doors must be CLOSED at all times

#2 MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember:
We appreciate you! Thank you for spending your time here at the Waco Animal Shelter You are a #WacoAnimalHero!

3. Remember the dress code - Long pants, t-shirts, closed toed shoes. No shorts, no tank tops, no sandals or flip flops.

4. Dogs with a green dot on their kennel card are easy to walk. If you are a new Volunteer, those are the dogs you should walk!

5. On surgery days, dogs getting surgery cannot eat or go on walks. If you see an orange card on a kennel, do not feed or walk them.

6. We love to have Volunteers help show dogs to the public during curbside meet and greets, but you need to work with a staff member.

7. Volunteers are not allowed to do meet and greets with families who have their own dogs with them, but you can certainly watch!

8. Send up pics and video of the time you spend here with the animals, and please share them all over social media to help us get animals adopted.