Latah County Historical Society



We believe that history is more than just relevant, it is essential.

History provides us a way to understand our place in the world. History teaches us critical thinking skills and how to articulate a point of view. History gives us the shared stories which are vital for strong and resilient communities. History makes the places we live and work more interesting and worthy of investment. History teaches us about problem solving and the importance of civic engagement. History inspires us to be leaders, or to just do the right thing. History is the foundation upon which our democracy is built.

The Latah County Historical Society exists to connect our neighbors to their history.

For ours and future generations, we collect, preserve, share, and celebrate the history of Latah County in order to promote a deeper understanding of the many experiences that make up our shared past. We accomplish our mission through the creation of public exhibition, the preservation of valuable and irreplaceable artifacts, the presentation of programs for a variety of audiences, and the operation of a free historic house museum in Moscow, the McConnell Mansion. Researchers are welcome to utilize our collections, free of charge.

Our museum in the McConnell Mansion is a friendly place for children and families to visit with historic rooms, changing exhibits, and hands-on activities for young visitors. We offer tours of the museum, a variety of educational programs, special and annual events, and publications and gifts from the Museum Store. Our research library, across the street from the McConnell Mansion in the Centennial Annex, houses thousands of documents, photographs, and genealogical information.
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