College Advocate



College Advocate is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization that serves high school students in the District of Columbia. It is our goal to facilitate the admission of underrepresented students to prestigious colleges and universities with at least 80% of their education bill covered by grants and scholarships. We do this by (1) selecting 15-30 qualified juniors per year, (2) raising their SAT scores by 250+ points, on average, (3) providing college tours to many top-ranked universities across the country, (4) assisting students with applications to summer college enrichment programs, (5) providing hundreds of hours of college counseling and technical assistance with college admissions applications and essays, and (6) providing advocacy with admissions offices at private colleges.

College Advocate relies on talented volunteers who donate their time and skills. Volunteers are members of functional task committees within the organization. These include (1) executive, (2) operations, (3) finance, (4) logistics, and (5) planning.

Mission: College Advocate provides a pipeline for talented young Americans to achieve higher education success.
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