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Bridge of Creativity, Corporation is a organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes.

The organization's mission is to promote creativity, research and innovation in Africa through education. The focus of the organization is to encourage education creatively through means such as educational competitions, instructional after-school programs and intellectual contests. By doing this, Bridge of Creativity will also work to enhance and strengthen the cultural and educational infrastructures in Africa, promote a positive identity among students, highlight the beauty of educational creativity, encourage innovation among youths and develop partnerships among schools in Africa and the world.

This mission is born out of the founders' realization that Africa as a whole is lacking in many basic necessities and has problems with food, disease, education and employment. Giving financial or other aid, however, is not fixing the problem, for it is not allowing the continent to become self-sustaining, but rather dependent on foreign help. The vision of Bridge of Creativity is to focus on the children of Africa and to empower them through creative education. There are examples in Africa of people building windmills for power with no prior training and children building their own toys. It is these talents that are frequently overlooked. Bridge of Creativity hopes to nurture and encourage these talents and allow them to flourish. By promoting education in creative ways, the Corporation hopes to create a brighter future for the continent of Africa by forming creative, hopeful and confident students.

Mission: The mission of Bridge Of Creativity is to promote creativity, research and innovation in Africa. The organization intends to enable African students, researchers and intellectuals to put their knowledge at the service of the continent. Bridge Of Creativity will also contribute to the development of Africa by encouraging education in rural areas.
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