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To engage in providing access for all man, woman and child to quality health care and information, support medical Center in providing care and basic hospital services in the community of Koungodjan and surrounding villages in the commune of Moutougoula in Koulikoro Region, Mali. The health problems experienced by the people of these villages are largely preventable. With proper access to information about maternal and child healthcare, nutrition, and hygiene, as well as regular visits from medical technicians, the health of these peoples would be improved dramatically. Even if medicines can be obtained, there are few trained medical technicians available to administer the medication. The result is unnecessary death and disabilities.

Mission: Jah Kente International, Inc. (JKI) is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 public supported organization. This status was granted by the United States Internal Revenue (IRS) on March 8, 2000 . Your voluntary financial contribution in support of our mission is a tax exempt gift.
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