Pan American Symphony Orchestra



Artistic Director and founder, Sergio Alessandro Buslje, brings you a refreshing alternative to mainstream orchestral repertoire. The Washington Post characterized Pan American Symphony Orchestra's creative programming as "utterly unlike anything else that is likely to happen in Washington this season" (1996) and its repertoire as having "texture and breadth" (1998). In its effort to educate American audiences about the music of distinct Latin American cultures, the Pan American Symphony Orchestra (PASO)provides an on-going concert series and showcases performing artists of Latin American origin. In addition, the orchestra is establishing a varied collection of Latin American music for orchestral performances.

Mission: Pan American Symphony Orchestra (PASO) was founded with the purpose of highlighting Latin American music that is rarely performed and unfamiliar to the US concert public. Committed to providing quality performances of symphonic and ensemble repertoire, while maintaining inexpensive admission prices, PASO ensures that classical music is accessible to all income groups, PASO emphasizes original compositions by Latin American composers and performs an annual symphonic tango show with singers and dancers. PASO also performs operas and zarzuelas from Spain.
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