Denver Sister Cities International



Denver Sister Cities International is a vibrant and growing organization that believes in bringing together local citizens with grassroots efforts. Featuring 10 Sister Cities around the world, were a network of people--diverse global ambassadors--interwoven with common thoughts, ideas and the notion of active participation.

We are passionate, peace-stirring citizens infatuated with the idea of global friendships. Were part of a remarkable organization that bridges four continents, eleven municipal governments, at least fifteen languages, and nearly twenty million city dwellers. We are Denver Sister Cities International.

Our Sister Cities include:

Axum, Ethiopia

Brest, France

Chennai, India

Cuernavaca, Mexico

Karmiel, Israel

Kunming, China

Nairobi, Kenya

Potenza, Italy

Takayama, Japan

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Mission: To promote peace through mutual respect, understanding and co-operation with cultural, educational and economic endeavors.
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