Bright By Three



Learning doesn’t begin when a child starts school. Amazingly, 85% of a baby’s intellect, personality, and social skills are developed in the first three years of life. But because babies don’t come with operating instructions, all parents need a little guidance on how to make the most of this critical period.

That’s where Bright by Three comes in. Bright by Three visits with parents and other caregivers and provides a three-step program to make sure their little ones get the best start at life. And it’s absolutely free for these families, supported entirely by charitable contributions.

Since it was founded in 1995 by then-Governor Roy Romer and former Procter & Gamble Chairman Brad Butler, Bright by Three has reached an increasing number of families across the state each year — nearly 21,000 last year alone. But an average of 68,000 babies are born in the state each year, so we’ve got a lot more work to do to put these tools in every Colorado home where there’s a baby or toddler.

That’s where you come in. There are two ways to help us reach more families:

  1. Tell a family member, friend, neighbor or anyone who has or is expecting a young child about us. This is a program that’s proven to be helpful for all families, regardless of their income or background. (It’s even available in Spanish.)
  2. Help support this statewide initiative. A donation of as little as $25 pays for a kit for one family. If you can afford more, you can help us reach even more families.

With enough people spreading the word about these programs and donating, we can realize our goal of ensuring that every Colorado child gets the same great start.

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