Community Cycles



Our aim is to recycle bikes from the local community, make them reliable again, and get them back out to low income and/or high needs members of the community. We have several programs such as Earn-A-Bike, Youth Earn-A-Bike, Kids Holiday Bike Give Away, Bicycle Workshops, Bicycle Mechanics Classes, and Bicylce Advocacy, on which to anchor our efforts.

We are also a sponsor of Walk and Bike Month in June, hosting bike rodeos, bicycle safety events, and Bike to Work Day. Our advocacy activities include partnerships with community organizations such as GO Boulder, Naropa Bike Shack, Boulder Valley School District, Family Learning Center, and the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials. We have received sponsorship and/ or support from local businesses such as University Bicycles, Cycle Sport, Mirrycle and Full-Cycle.

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