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Why Applewood Our House

We have found the solution to the challenge many seniors face, that of being alone and frail. Home support is often inconsistent and expensive, but families need to alleviate the issues of the elderly members being alone and unable to fully care for themselves.

Often against their will, seniors are uprooted from the homes where they are comfortable and placed in sterile institutions. At the most vulnerable time of their lives, they are stripped of their own unique, private living space and they are forced to "fit in".

These seniors become even more frail and require even more medications. With nothing to do for hours on end, nothing to look forward to, and nothing to stimulate their minds, bodies, and spirit, they spend the last days, months, or years of their lives simply existing.

There has to be a better way...

Imagine, though, a "house" that provided an entire continuum of care. A house where there is a team of outstanding care aides and home support professionals who will be there with each client, every step along the way. We are that house, Applewood Our House.

We are a leading edge company that is committed, to providing the best in nutrition, professionally developed geriatric exercise, mind stimulation, and meaningful activities. The way each person will thrive (or not) in their final years is a direct result of the way they have lived in the years leading up to that.

That is why at Applewood Our House we focus on early intervention. We partner with each client and develop a nutrition and lifestyle plan.

Superior nutrition and proper supplementation is vital.Sensible exercise and strength work help to maintain physical flexibility.The stimulation of connection and commitment promote mental vitality.

This results in better quality of life! We have created a place where, when the times comes, the senior loved ones in your family can step into a true home away from home, a spacious living space that replicates their own home.

Rather than force our seniors into a small, confined, unfamiliar living space, Applewood Our House replicates the most important elements of each elders original home, and supplements those with safety features important to the needs of seniors. Suites are often more than twice the size of a typical nursing home room.

Finally, Applewood Our House has created these personal living spaces within a vibrant, non-toxic community setting, abounding with life and nature.

Mission: Our secure, specialized home offers services and structure specifically designed to accommodate those with various dementias and assisted living needs. Our staff has had specialized training in caring for those with dementia and related diseases. We offer twenty-four hour supervision in eight-hour shifts to keep our staff energized so they best serve our residents, secure (locked) units, dietician-created meals, regular and varied activities, and care services specific to each resident. Applewood Our House is licensed by the State of Colorado.
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