Outreach Uganda



We work with:

200+ women beaders and their families in 3 different beader groups in Ugandahave over 160 children sponsored in schoolhelp support a primary school of 300 students including 50 students at the Nursery (pre-school) level

Two of our beader groups are located in the rural areas of northern Uganda. The original group is located in Jinja, Uganda in southern Uganda.

These women are primarily Acholi women who were living on less than $2 per day, and were supporting 8 to 10 children and orphans in their households. Many are widows whose husbands died in the war, or from AIDS.

Our goal is to work with these women over the long term to build their leadership within the groups, and provide education and training so that they can eventually conduct self-sustaining businesses that will allow their families to progress out of poverty. We do not give handouts but encourage the women to help themselves.

To help generate funds for the above activities, we market the women's paper beaded jewelry and other craft products here in the U.S. The women then re-invest these earnings in businesses that they can do in Uganda all year long. They also use earnings to establish their own internal revolving loan fund which allows them to make loans to members to start up and expand their businesses.

As our bead sales increase, we are beginning to expand our program into other very small villages in northern Uganda.

Mission: To empower poor people in Uganda, especially women and children, to overcome poverty through:
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