Sacred Heart House of Denver



Program Summary

In-House Stabilization Program

Our In-House Stabilization Program Provides: * Temporary Housing * Food * Clothing * Transportation and case management with referrals for: * Permanent/Transitional Housing * Education/Job Training/Placement * Health Care * Child Care * Counseling Residents participate in a required series of living skills and parenting workshops. Our services are offered in a home-like, life-giving, safe environment. When residents move to their own housing, they are eligible to receive the services of our Follow-Up Program.

Follow-Up Program

The Follow-Up Program offers: * Furniture/Household Goods * Monthly Newsletter * Emergency Food * Problem-Solving Advice/Resources * Holiday Help The staff of Sacred Heart House of Denver continues to support former residents, rejoicing in their successes and encouraging them during their crises.

Transitional Housing

A two-year Transitional Housing Program offers affordable living to mothers pursuing educational/job training goals. These women have successfully completed the In-House Stabilization Program or a similar program at another agency.

Mission: Sacred Heart House of Denver offers a continuum of services to homeless mothers with children and single women, who have the desire and commitment to become self-sufficient. The In-House Stabilization Program provides temporary, emergency housing, food and clothing to meet our residents critical physical needs. With case management and referrals to resources within the community, they identify and begin solving problems that led to their homelessness. Through the Follow-Up Program and the Transitional Housing Program, former residents receive continued support in their struggle to live independently and successfully.
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