Living Arts Co-Op



We're an art co-op which originally started out as a program of the Jefferson Center for Mental Health, a non-profit mental health organization located in the Colorado counties of Jefferson, Gilpin, and Clear Creek. The Jefferson Center continues to sponsor our activities by providing places to meet, pays for art shows, advises us about leadership and accommodating people with mental health issues.

Our members are visual artists, writers, and musicians. We hold open studios every Saturday and have some art supplies on hand for our artists. We teach free workshops on various art techniques.

In order to facilitate the professional development of our artists, we have an art salon where we learn about the various aspects of art marketing.

We're in the process of recruiting leadership so we can form a non-profit. To meet the organization's needs, we have work groups that focus on steering, planning art shows, teaching workshops, membership, and community relations. All of the work for the co-op is done on a voluntary basis.

If artists wish to participate in our art shows, they will need to donate an hour a month of their time towards running the co-op, and complete a call for entries application. Ten percent of the sales at the art shows goes into a fund used to help artists prepare art for shows, the remainder goes to the artist less sales tax.

Mission: The Living Arts Co-Op is a community of artists that fosters creativity and promotes mental and emotional well-being by supporting artistic growth and professionalism, providing opportunities for self-expression through the arts, and establishing a collective voice promoting community outreach, education and artistic expression.
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