Net Results Junior Tennis



Net Results provides after-school programming to nine elementary and middle schools in the Denver area. Our programs take place for 2 hours twice a week and consist of one hour of tutoring, mentoring and life skill development followed by one hour of quality tennis instruction provided by coaches and pros. Net Results also conducts 2-four week long summer camps that provide our students with a safe and fun learning environment outside of school.

Our programs, coaches, tutors and staff help with the following:

Improve academic achievement: Last school year, our tutors reported that 67% of our students made marked improvement in their academic performance, while 69% made a marked improvement in attentiveness and classroom behavior.

Keep youth safe: 3-6 p.m. is "prime time for crime." In a survey 86% of police chiefs said expanding after-school programs would reduce youth crime and violence. 95% of our students called Net Results a "safe and trusting environment." 71% of our students would be left alone after school, without adult supervision, if they were not in Net Results.

Make better choices: Students not involved in extracurricular activities are 49% more likely to use drugs and 37% more likely to become teen parents than those who spend 1-4 hours per week in after-school activities. 88% of our students said Net Results helped them make positive life choices.

- Stay healthy:The Colorado Childrens Campaign reports that childhood obesity in Colorado is rising. In 2006, 14.8% of Colorado children under 14 were overweight or obese. That is nearly triple the national Healthy People 2010 goal of 5%. A new report by the Trust for Americas Health recommends increasing opportunities for physical activity in schools to combat obesity. 85% of our students reported an increase in their fitness level.

Mission: The Mission of Net Results (NRJT) is to increase childrens academic and life skills by giving high risk, low income inner city youth the opportunity for success through academic achievement, instilling positive behavior in and out of the classroom and teaching positive life and leadership skills. We use tennis because success in tennis requires many of the same skills as success in the classroom and community: focus, follow-through, responsibility, hard work, teamwork and avoidance of unhealthy activities (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gang activity). We help over 300 youth each overcome challenges, become better students, better athletes and better young adults.
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