Partners For Self Employment, Inc.



Partners For Self Employment (PSE) has several programs that it administers in working towards are mission. The Micro-Loan Program provides entrepreneurial and financial literacy training and no credit no collateral loans to entrepreneurs who want to start a small business. The Matched Savings Fund Program provides financial literacy training and Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) to low income individuals and families that are seeking to purchase a first time home or expand a small business. The Expansion Loan Program provides expansion loans to seasoned small businesses. In addition, to compliment the programs PSE also has a Seminar Series which consists of professionals providing seminars in their area of expertise to PSE clients and the public in PSE facilities.

Mission: Partners for Self-Employment promotes financial well-being of low to moderate income individuals and families in South Florida via financial literacy training about how to earn and manage money, as well as through opportunities to borrow and save.
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