South Florida S.P.C.A.



The main operating program of South Florida SPCA is the rescue of abused and neglected horses and other animals, their care and rehabilitation. Other important programs include: - Placing recovered animals in appropriate homes for adoption or temporary foster care. - Volunteer programs that cover many aspects of working with the animals, their care and helping the organization. Community service hours are offered to high school students who volunteer. - A variety of educational and community service programs are offered as this is vital to recognizing and preventing abuse and neglect. Hands-on programs at our facility are a wonderful learning experience. - Provide services of trained animal cruelty investigator, owner counseling and education to improve the care of horses and other animals in the South Florida area.

Mission: The mission of the South Florida SPCA is: > To rescue, provide medical treatment, shelter and care for horses and other animals. > To rehabilitate the animals and place them in permanent foster homes. > To promote the welfare and well-being of animals through education. > To educate the public on responsible animal care and ownership and the value of every life.
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