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The Dolphin Foundation



The Dolphin Foundation aims to Keep America Beautiful via Recycling Programs that work and Free Weekly Litter Clean-Ups. The Dolphin Foundation changes laws to protect sea-animals, habitats, and our environment. The Dolphin Foundation speaks to the public about water conservation and marine preservation. The Dolphin Foundation will do sea-turtle surveys and walks and develop a refined dolphin rescue method. The Dolphin Foundation will have a show on Animal Planet to educate on marine conservation. Mermi The Mermaid is The Dolphin Foundation mascot who goes to events, schools and businesses free of charge to promote litterless waterways, recycling tips, and clean-ups. The Dolphin Foundation is open to ideas, new projects and goals all the time to help out with the community!

Mission: The Dolphin Foundation's mission is to protect sea-animals and their habitats and anything under the environmental umbrella on sea, land or air.
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