H.O.P.E. in Miami Beach



H.O.P.E. seeks volunteers to help during our Homeless Events. We host six Events a year and we need volunteers to pass out flyers to the homeless informing them about the event, also to help on the day of the Event. Additionally if you would like to help organize and collect clothing, shoes (anything we wear), this would be of great help. If you would also would help to help fundraising monetary donations that would be use to purchase food and items to be donated to the homeless this would be a tremendous help to us.

Mission: H.O.P.E. in Miami Beach is a non-profit faith based organization with a vision to reduce the number of homeless people in Miami Beach by providing for self-sufficiency and improving the quality of life in our community by providing housing, psychological treatment, emotional therapy, medical treatment, substance abuse programs, job training and job placement, financial administration, spiritual support and hope, we will reduce homelessness. As you know this social problem needs the support of everyone who is willing to make a difference.
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